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There are no other rooms in a house that draws more attention and turns more heads than bathrooms. Bathroom renovations make such a huge difference to the overall feel of a home, it’s hard to place a value on them. 

Sure, in other rooms, we can give it a lick of paint and jazz it up with new furniture, but a newly renovated, modern bathroom is unmistakenly the talking point of a home. That and of course the kitchens. We love kitchen renovations.

There are different reasons why you may want to upgrade your bathroom. Over the years at Sanders Construction Projects, we’ve had the privilege of working with many homeowners on the NSW South Coast and typically speaking, here are some of the more common reasons that people renovate their bathrooms. 


Stylish Upgrades


New fixtures and fittings


Adjoining Laundries


Functional space


Beautiful Ensuites

South Coast bathroom renovations completed on-time & on budget

Being down a bathroom is an inconvenience. We have carried out enough bathroom renovations over the years to appreciate that getting in and out with as little delay as possible is looked upon very favourably. 

Likewise, no one wants to go over budget. It’s an uncomfortable conversation for us to have with our clients and it’s certainly an uncomfortable situation for our clients to be put into. 

Thankfully, at Sanders Construction Projects, we have been able to mitigate these situations through excellent project management and a large focus on communication. Communication both with contractors, suppliers and customers. In our experience, it can and does make or break a project. 

If you live on the NSW South Coast and you’re considering a bathroom renovation, give Sanders Construction Projects a call.

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